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Dunx Coffee

heirloom. microlot. reserve.

the diverse selection of incredibly distinctive and perfectly roasted coffee. always.

Easy to Drink.


Silky, well-balanced, rich, and velvety. A coffee with a smooth character is much like listening to the notes of each instrument in the symphony blending together in perfect harmonious concert.

Bold and Robust


Both hearty and heavy notes fill every taste bud like an excursion into the wilds of raw unhinged flavor - coffee that is completely big, perhaps over-bearing, but unquestionably proud.

Duncan's Choice


Genuine heirloom and incredibly complex. Each beautifully independent. To be or not to be - there is no question these coffees bring to your cup authentic, world-renowned, and singular distinctions.


Swiss Water Method


Custom Roasted Whole Bean

Fair-Trade, Organic, & Heirloom

Swiss Water Arabica Blend


Custom Blends

Excellent Flavors

Double and Triple


Our DeFibrillator boasts DOUBLE

Solo Robusto de Miguel delivers 3-4X

light to dark


Song Bird Costa Rica City Roast

Sweet with milk chocolate and red berry.

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Organic Compadré Mîos Mexico City Roast

Perfectly balanced buttery and creamy.

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Organic Tango Gautamala

Rich and enlivening.

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Organic Pink Lady Honduras Light French Roast

Silky and smooth. Our most popular!

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La Luz del Gaia Peru French Roast

Floral and Ripe Tropical Fruit.

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Satori Pioneer Tanzania Imperial Roast

Velvety with intensity and verve!

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light to dark


Valle de Cauca Colombia City Roast

A cup of truly classic coffee.

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DUNX Original Signature Blend

No other like it. Without equal.

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Costa Rica Jardin Hacienda de la Jaguar Full Roast

Complex and bold with sweet undertones.

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Organic Bali French Roast

Diamond-spice earthy and syrupy.

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The DeFibrillator Signature Blend

DeFib for short.

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Solo Robusto de Miguel Espresso Roast

Heavy-weight and bitter.

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duncan's reserves



Haraaz Mountains and Mocha Burra Mountain.


Miuri Estate.


Queen City Harrar and Sidamo Guji.